Tip of the Week

Tip of the week - Concentration, The Winning Edge!

   Bowling is a game of consistency and consistency begins with concentration.

There are 4 mental checks you should do before every shot.

Check 1:

Look down and be sure your feet are in the proper position for your shot. Are you standing on the proper board? Are your toes pointing directly down the lane?

Check 2:

Are my eyes looking at my target? You must look at where you are going to roll the ball.

Now you are ready to begin your approach. This is where you MUST have 100% concentration. Tell yourself to keep your eyes on that target during your approach, swing and follow through. Your head must always remain steady with your eyes locked on the target.

Now is where concentration is a must because the next 2 checks need to be done DURING your approach.

FYI: Usually when a bowler hits his/her ankle with the ball it was because they did not have full concentration. When the approach and arm swing are done correctly the bowling ball will only miss your ankle by about an inch. That is not much room for error!

Check 3:

Is my elbow locked and my arm right next to my leg? The proper arm swing is essential to your release. If your elbow is not locked and it bends and moves away from your body your hand will turn around the ball and spin it like a top rather than lifting the ball, giving it the drive toward the pocket.

Check 4:

Is your wrist locked and your hand under the ball?

You turn the ball with your wrist NOT your arm or elbow.

The After Shot Check:

1)Did you turn the ball by lifting through the ball so that it will make the turn to the pocket?

2)Did you watch your ball go over your target?

3)Did you follow the ball with your eyes and see where it made its break (or turn) toward the pocket?

If you said no to any of these then you were a spectator of your shot and will not have a clue what you did wrong (if anything) to make a bad shot or what you need to change or adjust to make a good shot when the lane conditions change and you stop hitting the pocket.