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This Week in Bowling                                                                                                                           September 5th -11th, 2016

* School is back in session.

* The NFL Season has begun

* Bowling Season has started

  This is the time of the season we love!

As summer morphs into fall we hope our summer of rest will help propel our scores to new heights. (After the rust wears off).

Even if it doesn't, we get a night out to be with friends and team mates to enjoy the frustration that we love to hate so much as we try our best to knock down all ten pins on the first ball.

The good thing is that if that doesn't happen we get a second try to get half a strike, called a spare. So basically you are going twice to get half of what you want. There are times that I wish I had a third try but that would be Duck Pin Bowling or Candle Stick Bowling. Smaller pins, smaller balls AND smaller scores (even with 3 shots). I've played all three games and Ten Pin bowling, even with all it's flaws (I'm talking about you mr. 10 pin), is the one I love.

This season Capital Area Bowling Review is back and ready to report all bowling news from the Capital Area of Albany, NY. We are offering all Bowling Centers a free page on our site. Even if you have your own web site we still want to give you a free page with a link to get to your site on that free page. Our mission is to support and advance the game of bowling. That means that we also support the Bowling Centers. Without you, there would be no bowling!

We are also offering all Bowling Leagues a free listing on this site.

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