As a customer in preparation for having a fence installed what are my responsibilities?

What part do I need to play in the preparation process?

Responsibility of Customer Policy

These are the customers responsibilities

1) To locate and identify the property line, easements and ALL underground cables and pipes.

2) Customer is responsible for knowing and informing Ravena Fence of the locations of all underground cables, wires and pipes.

3) Customer is responsible for knowing their property line and how close to the property line they can have their fence installed.

4) Customer is responsible for applying for and acquiring any and all permits necessary for the installation of their fence.


   If customer fails to do any of the above responsibilities, then client is responsible for reimbursement to Raven Fence (and the parent company Leno Enterprises LLC) of ALL costs in connection with any claims made by anyone about the location of the fence or damage to underground wires, cables and/or pipes.

Estimate and Quote Policy

An estimate is always free. After doing the estimate a quote will be provided within 5 to 10 business days (depending on how large the estimate area is and how many variations are within the quote (multiple fence types, configurations, colors, gate types, etc.)).

Please note that Ravena Fence can only guarantee a quote for up to 7 days. If a customer decides after 7 days, Ravena Fence will need to call the manufacturer for an updated on their current prices which may be higher than the original quote due to the ever-changing costs from the manufacturer

Deposit Policy

A deposit of the full amount of the fence material is required at the signing of the contract. Once the deposit is made, Ravena Fence orders the product(s) for your fence job. (Please note that Ravena Fence can only guarantee a quote for up to 5 days. If a customer decides after 5 days Ravena Fence will need to call the manufacturer for an updated quote.)

Final Payment Ploicy

To avoid late charges and penalties the final payment is due no later than 7 days after completion of your fence work. After 7 days a late fee of 1.75% of the total amount past due, as well as a $25.00 service fee, will be assessed monthly until the balance due is paid in full. Also, any costs accrued by Ravena Fence in collection of the past due amount (including but not limited to court and or legal fees) will be charged to client.

Cancellation policy?

Once the deposit is made, Ravena Fence orders the product(s) for your fence job. Once that order has been placed, the deposit becomes non-refundable. If customer decides to cancel this contract for any reason: (1) The customer may either pick up their product(s) from our storage location (customer must provide the truck and the men to load the poroduct(s) as Ravena Fence will not help) or pay Ravena Fence a delivery and handling fee to deliver the product(s) to customers home or business. No part of the deposit will be returned, and the fence belongs to you.

   If customer cancels contract and will not pick up their product and will not pay Ravena Fence to deliver the product to their home or business, then the product will remain at our storage location and available for customer to pick up. If customer leaves the canceled contract product(s) with Ravena Fence for more than 20 days (from the date product(s) was/were delivered to Ravena Fence) both the deposit and the product(s) are forfeited by customer and become the sole property of Ravena Fence and are no longer under contract to customer.


   If the product(s) was/were delivered to customer’s home or business by the distributor and customer cancels the contract then the customer owns the product(s), no part of the deposit will be returned, and Ravena Fence will not install the fence.

What if a contract is canceled by customer during installation?

If a customer cancels a contract FOR ANY REASON once the installation has begun, the work will stop and customer will be billed and must pay ALL labor charges up to that point. A new Balance Due Invoice will be provided to customer and the same balance due rules will apply. (see "When is the balance of the contract due?" question)  Work can not simply restart as a new contract for labor must be negotiated between customer and Ravena Fence before the installation can continue.

Timely Job Performance Notification Policy

Many things beyond our control can affect the date and time of your repair or installation. These things could be, but are not limited to, weather (rain or excessive heat can limit the amount of time in a day that we can work or perhaps not allow us to work that entire day, or longer), Covid-19 may also interfere with us being able to provide service on any given day, or longer (including but not limited to government shut down orders)

   Other items that can delay us is when the manufacturer and/or distributor does not have the product to ship to us in a timely fashion. If we can not get the product requested, then we cannot install it until it is provided to us by the manufacturer and/or distributor.

   Any delays will have a domino effect, delaying all jobs from that date forward. We do have a “Delay Absorption Policy”, where if we are behind our intended schedule, we then schedule work on Saturdays and Sundays to try to make up time when situations prevent us from working our schedule during the week. In many instances this allows us to keep future jobs on schedule.

   There are other things beyond our control that can affect our scheduling. If we run into a “hard dig” (obstructions under the ground (wires or pipes that a client did not notify us of or tree roots or hard rocks that require heavy equipment to get through)) This all takes extra time so a job, we expected to take 2 days may take 3 or 4 days.

   Due to the nature of this business (requiring outdoor, in the weather work), delays can be frequent. We do our best to mitigate these delays and get back on schedule whenever possible. Rest assured that we always do our best and try hard to get your install done in a timely manner.

Satisfaction Policy

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. If a customer is not fully satisfied with the fence or installation, you must provide us with a detailed letter providing us with the issue you have. You need to send that letter via certified mail to the address on the contract. Be sure to provide us with your name and a phone number where we can contact you. Once we receive that letter we will contact you to begin the process of addressing the issue.