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Providing all the information you need, when you need it and putting it quickly in your hands.

We provide canned Software as well as Software Design and Development services. From a single app to a full system, with our "Budget Based Philosophy",  we will provide the perfect, professional solution for your needs at an affordable price.

Custom Design


We've been building Custom designed software systems for over 25 years


Software that is ready for sale

Prices start at $19.95


Software Applications that you can have us customize to fit your specific need for little to no cost.

“Creating a custom designed software application demands the ability to listen, envision and create.”

                                                                               GenBase CEO

Custom Designed Software 

Let us Build Your Software System from the Ground Up!

Let us show you how you can simplify and intensify your information management,

improve productivity and save money.

What does a custom designed software application include?

 First, we build the foundation. We start with a solid, comprehensive database to capture all the data you will need. A system is only as good as the database it’s built around. We construct the tables and indexes that will hold and allow quick access to your information.


Next, we design and build an intuitive user interface (Data Entry Screens). Entering data shouldn’t be a chore. We take great care to insure that all data entry flows in a logical sequence, making the task easier.  


Next, we build the queries that will look into your tables and databases and gather information based on what criteria you have requested.


Finally we build Reports which allow you to get quick, efficient access to your data. The best system in the world is of no value if it cannot provide the information you need when you need it. Our systems offer comprehensive flexibility.


Your Reports Offer:


                      A report gives you the information you need to know.


                      It also presents it in a way you can understand and easily review.


                      A report allows you to manage your business more efficiently by     

                      compiling and providing the critical information needed to make

                      informed business decisions.


Using GenCode (our exclusive, company created, design language) we can build in Values, Valid Values, Rules and Options that will control operations of your system using our Language Module. The user (you) can use a simple “Options Pop up Table" which allows you to change or turn on or off any of those Rules, Options or values by simply clicking check boxes or typing in new Rules, Values or Options.

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