Do you have payment plans?

            Yes. We have several payment plans available. No credit checks required. A small down  

            payment is required. Monthly service fee applies. (No hardware can be included in a 

           payment plan)


Do you sell computer hardware as well as software?

           Yes and No. We do not sell just hardware. We can provide hardware along with a custom

           designed software system package if requested. If you purchase a contract with custom

           designed software and a hardware system to go with it, we get the hardware, get the

           computer up and running with the operating system and our custom designed software

           installed and running. We then have that delivered to you. We do not offer any

           guarantees on the hardware! The only guarantee is what the manufacturer provides. Any

           hardware issues would be dealt with by the client through the hardware manufacturer and

           GenBase Technologies has no liability for any hardware.


Can I cancel or change my Custom Designed Contract?


          Cancelled Contract

           If you cancel the contract, the deposit is nonrefundable and there may also be a cancellation                         fee that is based on how far into the project you cancel. 

           Changes Requested

           Any changes to a contract may result in an adjustment of the cost of the project. Any changes

           must be in writing and attached to the original contract via an "Adjustment Amendment". Any

           changes to the original contract price must be included in the amendment. No changes will be

           made without this amendment.

           Hardware involved in Cancelled Contract

           If a contract that includes hardware is cancelled, there will be a 20% restocking fee of the cost of

           the hardware plus you will be charge for return shipping of the hardware. Hardware cannot be

           included in a payment plan. 


How can I return a product?

           Once purchased, software is not returnable (Unless it does not do everything that we

           stated that it would do). If you are not sure if you want a product or not, most of our

           software can be downloaded in "Trial Mode". This way you can use it, with FULL

           capabilities, to be sure it is something you like. After the trial period the software locks.

           If you don’t like the software, you don’t have to do anything else. If you do like it, you

           can call us and purchase the release code to activate and continue using the software

           product. Once you purchase the activation code your software will never lock again.


How long will it take to get my software?

           This depends on the product. For products that you purchase out right, they can be

           downloaded immediately. For a product in “Trial Mode” you will get it via Email within

           two business days. (Unique release codes have to be inserted into the version sent to you).

           For custom designed and customized software, delivery dates will be given after the

           specifics of the project are known and calculated.


Is there a deposit required for custom designed and customized software?

           Yes. When you sign the contract a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the contract cost is due.

           (Unless you do a payment plan. Payment plans have their own deposit requirements). The

           balance is due on delivery of the completed software. (Unless you do a payment plan).

           If there is hardware included in the contract, the total amount of the hardware is due

           when the contract is signed, plus the 25% nonrefundable deposit of the software cost.

What guarantee is there for custom designed and customized software?

           GenBase Technologies will fix any bugs in the software at no charge. We guarantee that

           the software will do exactly what it is supposed to do based on the contract or

           we will make the necessary changes so that it does, at no additional charge.


What credit cards do you accept?

            We accept all major credit cards.


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