EL-Com (ELsmere COMmercial)

Bylaws & Rules 


  1. This Doubles League is voluntary. Participation is not mandatory.
  2. The Doubles will be called the “EL – Com Doubles League” (EL Com is short for Elsmere Commercial)
  3. A Doubles Team must be made up of two (2) bowlers from within the Elsmere Commercial League. The EL-Com team can be made up of two bowlers from the same Elsmere Commercial team or they may come from 2 separate Elsmere Commercial teams.
  4. This Doubles League will abide by existing USBC rules, Elsmere Commercial League Rules and these Bylaws.
  5. The Officers of EL-Com Doubles will be as follows:
    1. The Financial Secretary will be Mark Womeldorph
    2. The Statistical Secretary will be Edward Leno
    3. Together they will be the Governing Board (GB) in charge of the operations of this doubles league
    4. The Doubles League is part of the Elsmere Commercial league, and the GB will report to the elected officers of the Elsmere commercial League.
    5. The EL-Com Doubles officers are not voted into office and will remain in their respective office until they desire to step down and vacate their position.
    6. If an office is vacated, the other GB officer will select the replacement.
  6. The Doubles League will be handicapped and use scores bowled during the Elsmere Commercial League. Handicap will be 100% for both individual and team matches.
  7. MATCH FORMAT: Each game has a total of 4 points. 1 point for an individual win and 2 points for the team win. The team who bowls the highest total will receive 4 additional points. This means that there is a total of 16 Team points. The total points available for any team each week is: Game 1 = 4 / Game 2 = 4 / Game 3 = 4 / Triple = 4 for a TOTAL of 16 points per week. The total points available for any individual each week is: Game 1 = 1 / Game 2 = 1 / Game 3 = 1 for a TOTAL of 3 individual points per week.
  8. EMPTY or NON-FULL TEAM: There will be no forfeits, even if both team members are absent. (1) If a member is absent, the bowler bowling that absent member must bowl within 10 pins of his own average to win his individual point. (2) If an absent bowler is bowling an absent bowler, each bowler will get ½ a point each. (3) If an entire team is absent rule 8 option 1 is in effect for each bowler bowling. For team wins, the team bowling would have to come within 20 pins of the absent team’s game, and triple total. (4) If both teams are absent then each team receives half the points, 8 points each team.
  9. BLIND TEAM: If there is an odd number of teams than one(1) extra team will be created as a Blind team. The team bowling the blind team will have a "Bye" for that week. The team who has the bye will not win or lose any points. This will make for an unbalanced Win/Loss Points Board until the final week of each half but will eliminate the disadvantage of bowling the Blind Team. To balance out the standings using the Bye system, position Standings will be based on winning percentage, NOT # of wins. The standings for percentage of wins and # of wins will balance out at the end of each half but provide a better consistency in standings week to week. Every team will bowl every other team once during each half with two positions rounds in each half (One in the middle of each round and one at the end of each round). EVERY team will have access to the same number of points, ALL against LIVE teams with no “designated wins” or “designated loses”.
  10. SEASON FORMAT: There will be two halves. The first half will consist of 10 weeks with a position round on week #6 and a position round on week #13. After week #13 the first-place team will be declared the first half winners. The second half begins on week #14 with all teams having a 0-0 record. The first position round of the second half will be on week #19. The final position round will be on week #26. After the final position round the first-place team will be declared the second half winners. On week #27, the first half winners will bowl the second half winners to see who will win first place and second place. The rest of the team’s final standings positions (3rd place to 12th place) will be based on their total wins for the full season.
  11. Bowlers coming in late will follow the Elsmere Commercial League Rules for that.
  12. Blinds do not have to bowl against another blind. It is up to the team captain of the team on the right lane if he wishes to put his blind with the blind on the other team.
  13. Additional weekly dues for each bowler to participate in the Doubles will be $3.
  14. If a situation arises that is not covered in these rules, it will be covered first by the Elsmere Commercial League Rules. Second by USBC rules. If it is not covered there, then the GB’s Decision (with the approval of the Elsmere Commercial’s President) shall be final.
  15. AWARDS: The awards will be decided yearly by the GB. The current seasons award structure and monetary amount of awards will be posted on or before the first day of November each season.
  16. All “In League Doubles” information can be found online by going to the Elsmere Commercial Web Page at: www.CaptialAreaBowlingReview.com/elsmerecommercial.html and clicking on the “EL-Com Doubles” Button   or  at   EL-COM.club
  17. These rules have been adapted in part from the USBC guide to Doubles Leagues.
  18. Any EL-Com Doubles member may submit ideas, comments or suggestions to the GB or member of the GB at any point during the season. All ideas, comments and suggestions made during the season will be considered as possible changes or additions to the league for the following season. NO changes will be made during the season (Unless that changed is deemed necessary by the GB).
  19. SUBSTITUTES: (1) If a bowler is subbing for a specific bowler in the Elsmere Commercial league, then that bowler can ONLY SUB for THAT SAME BOWLER in the doubles. One bowler CAN NOT have his scores count for two DIFFERENT bowlers (One bowler in Elsmere Commercial and a different bowler in the doubles) (2) If a bowler subs in the Elsmere Commercial League for “Bowler Zack”, then Bowler Zack’s teammate in the Doubles has the option (prior to the start of bowling) to NOT have that sub’s scores count for the doubles and can use the absent bowler rule (Rule #8 Section 1)
  20. NOT COVERED: Any situations that may arise during the season that are not covered by these Bylaws will be handled by the Governing Board (GB). After consideration, they will remedy the situation. That remedy is at the sole discretion of the GB. Their decision will be final.
  21. LACK OF OFFICIERS: (1) If only one member of the GB is present then the decision will be made by the member who is present. (2) If neither member of the GB is present, then the decision will be made by the President of the Elsmere Commercial League. (or the highest ranking official of the Elsmere Commercial League that is present). (3) If no officials from either league are present then the night will continue as normal with the issue being documented, including any outcomes of any matches, or games, that may be in question. This documentation will be presented to the GB the following week (along with a detailed explanation from those involved), for review, consideration and resolution by the GB.