Elsmere Commercial Bowling League - Weekly High Scores Listed by Bowler

This is a list of bowlers that have made the high score list this season. To make the high score list you need to bowl a single game of at least 20 pins over your current average or 35 pins over you current triple average.

   For example a bowler with a 200 average would need to bowl a single game of at least 220 or a triple of at least 635 to make the list.

   These lists break down your entry to the list by the number of games you have bowler that were 20 or more pins over your average or the number of triples you bowled that are 35 pins or move over your triple average.

   This list is presented in three ways.

1. Alphabetical by Bowler Name - (The list below)

2. Sorted by the Number of Times a bowler has made the weekly high scores list

3. Sorted by the Number of Individual games a bowler has bowled 20 pins over average

Please Note:

Due to an error in this Database table, this list only reflects scores up to Week 21 - 1/27/17.

This table will resume as soon as the error has been corrected.

                                                                   Thank you for your patience.