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A software application to help you manage your daily

life with diabetes.

My name is Ed. I am a diabetic as well as a software designer for GenBase Technologies. After being diagnosed with diabetes I began designing a software program to help diabetics cope with their day to day lives with diabetes.

It does NOT give medical advice or attempt to give medical advice. It allows you to input the medical advice and nutritional limits that were given to you by your own physician and uses that information to help you track and manage your daily nutritional intakes.

   The system allows you to compare foods, calculate all ingredients of a meal and get its nutritional values. It lets you record all your food intake, medicine taken and testing results. You can track doctor conversations and instructions. Create shopping lists and plan meals that will fit into your limits or remaining values for that day.

   As a diabetic I have designed everything into this system to help make your life with diabetes easier and less stressful. When I was first released from the hospital eating “right” was a chore and a hassle. Keeping track of everything, what food I could and couldn’t eat. What medicine to take, when and how much. Did I reach my limit of sugar or other nutritional values for the day! I knew there had to be a better way but I couldn’t find one. So I designed one. This is a proven system. I use it and it makes my life a whole lot easier.

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Sugar Testing
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This Application is available in Trial Mode which allows you to use all the features of the system for a pre determined amount of time and then it will shut down. At that point you have the option of purchasing the Application and receiving a Release Code which will unlock the software, keeping ALL information that you have already put into the system and allowing you unlimited use because you now own it.  

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