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* A two-lane bowling alley was installed in the White House in 1947 as a birthday gift to President Truman.

  He said he hadn’t bowled since he was 19. Truman knocked down seven pins on his first shot.


                                                                    This photo of Harry Truman at the White House Lanes is from 1953

                                                                    The two lane bowling center is in the west wing of the White House

* On those same bowling lanes years later check out President Richard Nixon's form. Also check out where his toe is. FOUL?


                   Good Form                                                                            Bad slide (Looks like his shoe was about a size too big)       

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The White House Bowling Lanes

Then                                                            and                                             Now

You may notice that there is now only 1 lane at the White House. What I want to know is which lane was removed, The Democratic or Republican lane?

Below are more pictures of the White House Bowling Lane(s)

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