Our Mission

  The Capital Area Bowling Review is dedicated to making the knowledge of the long and storied history of bowling available to all bowlers. Bowling is the largest participation sport in the world. Thousands of Men, women, boys, girls and seniors participate every day around the world.

   Our goal is to promote bowling and all Bowling Centers and bowling leagues.


   There are singles, doubles, trios and team leagues and tournaments available at every bowling center throughout the bowling season.

   Leagues are available for all skill levels of all ages. Contact a bowling center near you to find a league that is a perfect fit for you.



The Capital Area Bowling Review is a web site devoted to bowling and run by people who love bowling.

   Edward Leno, the owner of Capital Area Bowling Review has been bowling for 58 years and is dedicated to the sport. Some of his accomplishments over the years include:

• Vice President, Albany Junior Bowling Association (3 years)

• President, Albany Junior Bowling Association (1 Year)

• Founder and Adult Advisor, Albany Junior Youth Leaders

  Association (5 Years)

• Head Coach, Boys Traveling Bowling Team (3 Years)

• Head Coach, Girls Traveling Bowling Team (5 Years)

• President Del Lanes classic bowling league (2 terms)

• President Wednesday bowling league (5 Years)

• 20 Perfect games in bowling

• 1 TV title in bowling

• He is a Ricter Academy Certified bowling instructor

• He bowled as a junior bowler in the Del Lanes Junior Bowling

   program for 11 years. (Beginning at age 7 and he was an original

   member of Del Lanes first ever junior bowling season)

• Then he was a coach/bowling instructor for Del Lanes junior

   bowling program for 12 years

• He was a coach/bowling instructor for Bowlers Club junior

   bowling program for 1 year