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Due to Covid-19 we are currently offering only "in league" services at Del Lanes

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We Are Back With Limited Services!

Hall of Records Tournament

To kick off the Hall of Records the ABA will run a 3 week, 9 game tournament where we use the

BEST 3 of 9 Games to determine the winner.

The tournament will be in the  fall/winter

Due to the current Covid-19 situations, the ABA has decided to resume providing a limited service schedule. These services are currently limited to "in league" services at our Anchor House, Del Lanes. 

We plan on returning to a fuller schedule at more Bowling Centers for the 2023-2024 Bowling Season

   The Amateur Bowlers Association is beginning a "Hall of Records" section to honor those amateur bowlers who excel at bowling in their league. Just because you are not a "Professional Bowler" does not mean you don't have some "Professional Bowler STUFF"! You may excel in one area. Maybe no one can beat you "head-to-head" and you constantly have high wins. The ABA Hall of Records has many “Areas of Interest” in bowling and is looking to honor those bowlers who excel in those areas in their leagues with our New, Hall of Records

   This is a Totally FREE service provided by ABA. There are NO fees to join and NO fees to have your league and league members included in the Hall. The Hall of Records is our continuing effort to support and grow the game of bowling.

We are currently accepting applications from Leagues in the Albany, Schenectady, and Troy New York bowling associations. We will also accept applications from leagues within a 60-mile radius of Albany NY!

At the conclusion of the 2023-24 bowling season the Hall of Records will be created and populated with the bowling accomplishments of local amateur bowlers, honoring their abilities and accomplishments. The Hall Includes BOTH Scratch & Handicap Bowlers

(a 150 average bowler who shoots a 200+ game should be honored for that!)


To register your league

Send an Email with the Name of your League, What Bowling Center you Bowl at, the name of the league secretary and the Email address for us to send the Free Registration Kit to.


Send that to:     Hall@AmateurBowlersAssociation.com


   Having your bowlers entered into the Hall of Records is simple and quick and will make them proud of their accomplishments! Also, you will get recognition as well because you will be listed next to your league name as the person who has submitted the bowlers in your league for entry into the Hall of Records. “It’s amazing how you can do something so simple, to help promote the game of bowling so much!”

The ABA thanks you for your support!