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House Wide Weekly Bowling Events - Del Lanes - Friday Night Leagues

This Season, every Friday there will be three events available that use your scores from your bowling league for that night.

You earn points as you go

Even if you don't win an event you still earn points (see "Point System" below).

At the end of the season the top 15 point earners receive Ca$h and prizes.

Some of our prizes include:

$25 Gift Certificate to Lowe's

$25 gift Certificate to Walmart's

*Double Elimination Bracket - (Scratch or Handicap)

$2.50 entry fee per bracket

To be eliminated you need to lose TWICE!

2 Cash Prize winners per bracket - $10 first Place & $5 Runner up

6 Point winners per bracket

*Shoot-out Eliminator - (Scratch or Handicap)

$2.50 entry fee per division

After game 1 60% of all entries move on to game 2

After game 2, 3 bowlers for every 10 entries move on to the Eliminator round

All bowlers in the Eliminator round receive a cash prize

(prize fund based on the number of entries)

*Clean Pot

$1.00 entry fee

You must have a clean night and be the only one with a clean night to win the Clean Pot. If no one wins the clean pot the money carries over to the next week. This continues until some one wins. A clean night consists of frames 1 through 9 having a strike or spare and having at least a strike or spare in the 10th frame. If you get a strike with your first shot in the 10th and then open it is still a clean game because you had the strike.

This page will be updated every Monday by 10am

Point System

Double Elimination Brackets - (per bracket)

   All game 1 winners get 1 point                            Bracket winner gets $10 + 10 points

   All game 2 winners get 1 point                            Runner up winner gets $5 + 5 points

   Highest single in game 1 gets 1 point            Elimination Round 1 & 2:

   Highest single in game 2 gets 1 point                   Winner gets 7 Points

   Highest single in game 3 gets 1 point                    Runner up gets 4 points

   Highest double

          (game 1 + 2 or game 2 + 3) gets 2 points

   Highest Triple gets 3 points


   Winners in game 1 get 1 point each

   Winners in game 2 get 1 point each

      1st place winner gets 6 points

      2nd place gets 5 points

      3rd place gets 4 points

     - - - For additional places for more than 10 entries - - -

      4th place gets 3 points

      5th place gets 2 points

      All additional winners get 2 points each

Clean Pot

   You earn 1 point for every clean game you bowl

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