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By clicking here you authorize ABA to charge the card listed above $30 nonrefundable fee for table space rent and a $10 REFUNDABLE deposit for area clean up fee. If you leave the area clean you get the $10 returned in cash.
By Checking here I agree that I have read and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations stated in the Vendor Table Rules and Information Sections listed on this page.

If you are paying by Credit Card please fill out this section

On Line Table Reservation Request

Limited Availability


12 spots remain


General Size of areas:

5' to 7' wide

3' to 6' deep


Exact size depends

on the location.

This is a Bowling

Center so you will

need to work within

the area you have.

Sunday January 13, 2019

Boulevard Bowl

1315 Erie Blvd, Schenectady, NY 12305

Amateur Bowlers Association Fund Raiser Tournament

Reserve a Spot Today!


We provide the space,

your provide everything else

Vendor Table Rules and Information


The Reservation Request to the right guaranetts you your spot if you pay by credit card. A contract will be sent to you. It will need to be signed and returned via US Mail. Please return it by January 10th. Vendors without a signed contract on file will not be allowed to set up their table and no refunds will be issued.


1. $30 per spot

2. A $10 refundable cleanup deposit is also required.

3. Once you break down your table area an ABA rep will verify

that you are leaving the area in the same condition as it was

when you started setup. At that point you will receive your $10

deposit returned to you. If there is an issue with your area

BEFORE you set up please bring it to the attention of the

Tournament Director immediately.

4. No running water will be available at your table

5. Minimal electric will be available

This is a Bowling Center so there will be some electric but

not enough to run lights and displays and things like that.

If extra electricity is necessary please contact us at:

aba@CapitalAreaBowlingReview.com. Tell us how much

electricity you need and for what (and be specific). We will

see if it will be possible to provide that to you and if there

would be any additional cost for that.

6. Vendors must provide their own materials (tables, chair, electric

cord, table cloth, etc) as nothing is provided by Amateur

Bowlers Association except the space.

7. First Squad begins at 12Noon, check in begins at 11am.

8. Second Squad begins at 3:30pm

9. Finals Begin at 7pm and will end around 9pm

10. Vendors may begin set up at 10am

Please have all necessary equipment brought to you table

area by 10:45am because this is when bowlers will begin

arriving for check in. No large items will allowed to be

brought in or out after 10:45am for safty reasons

11. All Vendors must begin breaking down their tables at 6pm.

All vendor tables must be totally gone by 7pm

(Before the start of the live finals as a quiet Center is

necessary once the live finals begin).

12. All fees must be paid at the time of booking

13. All fees (Except Clean up Deposit) are nonrefundable for any

reason as they guarantee your spot

14. You may not transfer your table spot to anyone else without

written consent from Amateur Bowlers Association.

15. We reserve the right to censor any and all tables. You agree to

abide by our rules and correct any situation immediately upon

request. The Censor Rules are listed below.

16. The person(s) running your table must be dressed

appropriately. Anyone not dressed in a proper manner will be

asked to leave.



Censor Rules


1. No offensive or derogatory articles or information may be

presented or sold.

2. You may not offer or sell any items that are against the law.

3. You may not offer, display or sell any sexually oriented items

4. Offensive language and/or swearing will not be allowed




You agree that Amateur Bowlers Association, Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and Boulevard Bowl, their owners and employees will not be held liable for any injury, accident, mishap, stolen or damaged merchandise or equipment incurred before, during or after the Fund Raiser Tournament.

You further stipulate that any issue(s) of any kind arising from the sale and/or use of your product(s) and/or services are the sole responsibility of YOU and YOUR company/business.

Amateur Bowlers Association, Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and Boulevard Bowl are not employees or sub-contractor of your business. We are simply providing you a space to do business for which you hold FULL and TOTAL responsibility for.



Fundraiser Tournament & Fun Day

We Accept these Credit Card Payments

On Line

Payment Options

If you are paying by check:

Make Checks Payable to:

Amateur Bowlers Association

Mail Check to:

Amateur Bowlers Association

PO Box 782

Glenmont, NY 12077


We will hold your spot for 7 days while we wait for your check to arrive. If it has not arrived by then we will no longer hold your spot. When the check does arrive we will guarantee your spot if one is still available. If one is not available we will return your check to you.


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