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How a Tournament Works



Each participating bowling center runs the qualifier each month. (If your bowling center is not participating you can still register on line and use your league scores. To enter the tournament you would fill out the entry form pay the $10 entry fee and use the scores you bowl in your league that night. At the end of the night you record your scores on the entry form and return it to the desk.


1 out of every 10 entries move on to the semi-finals.




All qualifiers bowl game 1. After game 1 the field is trimmed by 50%. After game 2 the field is trimmed to 10 bowlers. After game 3 the top 4 scores advance to the Step Ladder Finals.


Step Ladder Finals


MATCH 1: Bowler #4 vs Bowler #3

MATCH 2: Winner of match 1 vs Bowler #2

MATCH 3: Winner of match 2 vs Tournament Leader (Bowler #1)


Beginning soon:

All Step Ladder Finals stream live on YouTube and Face Book. All Step Ladder Finals will also be available on our YouTube Channel, “Amateur Bowlers Association”


Prize Fund


The prize fund increases $6 for every entry.




The winner of the Tournament wins;


A cash prize


The ABA tournament Title


Gets a FREE entry into the Finals of the same tournament the next season so he/she can

"Defend their Title".


Gets invited to enter the Finals of the "Tournament of Champions" at the end of the

season. The $10 entry fee is required.



Tournament of Champions


Entry Rules:

To be eligible to enter the Tournament of Champions you must be a Prime Member and have made it to the Finals of at least one tournament.

Current Tournament

December/January Open


All League Bowlers May Participate in this Event. You do not need to be an

ABA Member


Qualifiers began December 3rd and will continue through January 28th, 2019.

This tournament may be entered on line


If you qualify in league competition,

The Finals will be:

Saturday, January 26th, 2018

at Del Lanes Bowling Center

Check in is 12:30pm

Finals begin promptly at 1pm

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